Saturday, 15 September 2012

September Newsletter

Pentecost 14 - from the vicar

In the Gospel reading from St Mark we hear about some Jewish leaders, called Scribes and Pharisees, who were good people. It is easy to think of them as bad people, though in fact they were basically good, upstanding people who followed religious traditions, found in the Old Testament. However this particular group of tradition loving, rule following Pharisees, were challenged by Jesus to think a little more about the commandment of God to love, and not let their religious traditions become replacements for carrying out God’s work of mercy and justice amongst the human misery of the world – this is often a challenge for us too!

Recently, myself and our Church Wardens, have been looking at the next phase of our “ Denbigh Deanery Plan, “ which will form the Agenda for the next Deanery Conference at 7.15 pm on Monday 10th September at St Mary’s Church, Denbigh – all are welcome to this meeting.

This is an important document, which will have an impact on all our parishes. If you are coming along to the meeting, please let me know.

The PCC over recent months has further developed additional space within the church building which is child friendly, has some toys, and most importantly is there to be used – and not just on a Sunday – spread the word, please!

Over the Winter we will be exploring the provision of “ St Dyfnog’s Drop-In, “ a weekly drop-in for children, parents and grandparents, probably during school holiday times when families often experience most pressure.

There will be plenty of work for all - so watch this space!