Thursday, 8 September 2016

from the Vicar - September 2016

For several years Denbigh Deanery have hosted a Hospitality Tent at the Denbigh and Flint Show. It is a wonderful opportunity to show the Church’s hospitality through teas, cake and coffee and a chance for people to sit down and have a rest after all the walking round. Through Messy Church activities we welcome the children whilst their parents enjoy a cup of tea. My first involvement was last year and I was delighted to see how busy the tent was throughout the day. This year fine weather blessed the day and once again we were able to offer hospitality and a warm welcome to all who stopped by.

The gift of hospitality is a wonderful gift. Hospitality comes in many forms, it is not just about the physical giving of sustenance it is also about the welcome, time to listen, time to care, to enjoy each other’s company and provide a place of peace in our busy world.

In Paul’s letter to the Hebrews, he speaks of entertaining angels unaware it is a well-known expression: “Some have entertained angels without knowing it”. When I think of it I am always reminded of a line from a sketch: “Angels, I didn’t see any angels”. In the sketch the story is told of a man who tells God he wants angels to come and visit him. God promises he will send some, so the man goes home and waits for the angels to come. In the story, a lonely man, an elderly visitor, a young mother and a person in need all call at his door, but as each visitor comes to his house he turns them all away; he doesn’t want random callers, he is waiting for the angels. You can guess what comes next: as the sketch draws to a close, God asks him why when he has sent angels has the man sent them away. The man replies with the line that has stayed with me: “Angels, I didn’t see any angels”.  Gradually, of course, the light dawns and he realises the people who called were indeed angels sent by God, and instead of showing them hospitality he had sent them away.

As September begins we return to the routine of daily life after the holiday period. The new school year is just beginning and we wish all those moving to a new class, a new school or going off to university every blessing as they settle in their new environment.

With every blessing

Val Rowlands