Thursday, 5 June 2014


From the Vicar
Have you ever tried to assemble a piece of furniture which comes to you packed up in a couple of boxes?  It can be rather worrying and daunting at first sight! There is a list of instructions in all sorts of different languages, lots of nuts and bolts of different sizes, and usually a few odd-looking tools, which simply look as if they won’t be up to the job, and then one feels lost, confused and helpless!

The disciples together in that upper room between Ascension and Pentecost must have felt lost, confused, helpless, and certainly not up to the job ahead of them, but then something extraordinary happened to them! Suddenly they were set on fire with confidence and pushed out of the comfort and safety of that upper room and into the streets, by that energy of God’s presence. Now the Church was really on the move!
Those disciples, just like ourselves, were learning that the Holy Spirit had been given to the Church to enable it to be the Church for people and places everywhere, no longer closed in within an upper room.

The Holy Spirit pushes us beyond ourselves, our abilities, expectations and safety levels. So, at Pentecost especially we pray, “Come, Holy Spirit”.

Come Holy Spirit, Wind of God
Breath of God, wind of God,
whose source we only vaguely comprehend
and of whose destination we have no knowledge,
disturb us with your power,
ruffle our complacency with your unseen movement,
blow the dust from our beliefs
and the cobwebs from our prejudices
so that we may have such a clearer, fresher faith
that the storms of this world may fail to shake it.


Computer tips for later beginners

Initial session will be at the vicarage on Wednesday June 11th at 6.00pm - we anticipate it will last for about an hour, to an hour and a half. Only a couple of people have suggested topics they’d like to know more about, so I will try to deal briefly with a fairly broad range, then identify those that you’d like to go into in more detail on a future occasion.

We do need to know how many are coming - please can you telephone, text or email me, or catch up with me in church, to confirm that you’ll be there; it would also be useful to know which version of Windows you’re using.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kath Mitchell-Dawson
tel: 01745 550488 • mobile: 07711 675076