Friday, 27 February 2015

From the Vicar - March 2015

As we celebrate St David’s Day we are reminded of the early Christian Saints who brought the good news of Jesus to our shores. St Dyfnog Patron Saint of our Church was a follower of St David and he would have been one of the numerous Celtic Saints who established Christian Communities throughout Wales. We now call the early sixth century through to the seventh century the Age of the Saints.

Many of the Celtic Saints were itinerant preachers who walked the countryside setting up Holy Sites wherever they stopped and establishing a Christian Community there. No doubt Dyfnog stopped here because of the situation of the natural well, just above where the Church stands.

The Celtic Saints saw the whole of life as a complete circle, God, humanity and nature. They held a respect for nature that we have largely lost over the years. In recent decades this has changed for the better, as we are challenged to look at the effect of our lifestyle has on the environment.

As we continue in Lent may we ponder the impact our lifestyle has on the world. How we can play our part in protecting the environment, caring for the world God has given us. For David and Dyfnog and all the saints of the early Christian settlements, care of the environment was an integral part of their faith. Just as worshipping God and caring for those in need was central to their lives.

For us the challenge is to follow in their footsteps to care for those in need, to care for the earth and to bring the Good News of the love of Jesus to all people.

The Prayer for St Dyfnog
Almighty and ever-living God, who called your servant Dyfnog to proclaim the gospel to this nation: give us your servants, such faith and power of love, that as we rejoice in his triumph we may profit by his example.