Saturday, 1 June 2013

Whom shall I send, and who will go for me? – Here I am, send me!

The Bishops of the Church in Wales have recently reminded us that in every generation the Church has tried to work out what being a disciple of Jesus, living as he lived, might mean.

The Church in Wales inherits not just the witness of the first disciples and apostles, but at least fifteen hundred years of witness by the saints and disciples of Wales.

We have been handed a rich tradition of love, service and of reaching out to others in the name of Jesus Christ, and it is for us in our time to work out, and put into practice what this might mean for our own lives and especially for the lives of those around us who have little or no experience of God working in their lives.

If we think of our own faith journeys – where did we all begin, who introduced us to Jesus? I’m quite sure that with careful thought we can all think of a particular person who helped us begin this journey – no one comes alone to Jesus – we meet him through other people, if only the generations of Christians who have gone before us and so handed on the faith to us.

The time is now for us to play our part in helping others, either begin their faith journey, or perhaps re-discover it – it is the only way in which the faith can grow!

As a Church, and as individuals, we won’t find a manual or master plan, but rather we will need to develop relationships with others around us, creating situations where the Good News can be shared and inviting others to have the same experience as ourselves.

Shortly before leaving his Parish, a small boy said to the Vicar, “Vicar, you’re leaving, aren’t you?” “That’s right”, the Vicar replied.
“Are you leaving tomorrow?” the boy asked.
“No, there are a few weeks yet” said the Vicar.
The small boy thought for a moment and asked, “And then, will they pull the church down?”

Ministry and Calling are for all – lay and ordained!