Tuesday, 9 February 2016

From the Vicar - February 2016

February sees the beginning of the season of Lent. The word Lent is an Old English word which means ‘lengthen’.  Lent comes at a time of year when the days are beginning to get longer, albeit slowly. It is traditional for people to give something up during lent as a reminder of the temptations Jesus faced in the desert. Lent is also the way of good works and putting the needs of others before our own.

With this in mind, the congregation of St Dyfnog’s will be supporting WaterAid through their Jars of Change for Jars of Water Lent Appeal. By collecting and donating the small change we find in our pockets and purses throughout Lent we will be able to help bring clean water to communities around the world who lack the facilities for safe, clean water.

We are very privileged in this country to be able to have water on tap every day of our lives. In many ways we take it for granted and only stop to think when for some reason our water goes astray. Our daily routine begins and ends with the use of water, so imagine how it would be if every time we needed water we had to go and collect it from a well 2 hours’ walk away, and when we got there the water was cloudy and dirty.

This is the reality for many people in our world, the dirty water causes disease and sickness, but they have no alternative. Very often it is the women and children who walk for miles and return carrying heavy water containers, the water is soon used and the daily routine starts again.

The sad fact is:
Around 315,000 children die each year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. That’s nearly 900 children each day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, with help from WaterAid communities can have clean water available on a daily basis in their own villages. WaterAid’s vision is of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation.  They seek to achieve this by providing communities with the means to drill boreholes and install pumps, but this can only happen through the generosity of people like you and me.

A simple jam jar and your small change really can improve lives. I am delighted that people have been so enthusiastic about supporting this year’s Lent Offering, our Grouped Parishes of Nantglyn, Llandyrnog and Llangwyfan are also taking part, and I feel sure we can help make a difference in the lives of those who so desperately need our help. Thank you.

With every blessing,
Val Rowlands