Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Michael has just received the following email from WaterAid

Dear Reverend Williams,

With you, people across the world can celebrate the joy and excitement of having safe water for the first time.
Thank you for making this the best year ever. You've helped reach 1.7 million people with water, 11% more than last year, and brought sanitation to 2.2 million people, 15% more than in 2012.

With you, families are happier and healthier.
Water is the one thing that changes everything – because you're with us many more families have clean, safe water in their lives. You played a huge part in making this possible through your generous support.

With you, there is new hope.
We've made a special film to show you the inspiring moments you've helped to create this year, moments when safe water brought celebration and hope to the lives of people all over the world, moments made possible by your support. Be proud – you've brought smiles to so many people around the world.

Thank you for being so incredible.

Angharad McKenzie
Head of Supporter Development, WaterAid

Sunday, 1 December 2013

“Be Prepared”, the old Scout motto reminds us!

From the Vicar - Advent Sunday 2013

“Be Prepared”, the old Scout motto reminds us!

However, preparation for Christmas these days often can mean baking, shopping, cleaning, decorating, card writing and so many other things which seem to take up most of our time and, if we’re not careful, we can simply end up mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted.

Shop until you drop, with the 25th December as our deadline, often means that whilst we are ready for Christmas Day, it can be rather an anti climax when it is over.

It seems that whilst we all want to enjoy the holiday, and some time together, we have allowed two of the major issues of our times to drive the agenda - materialism and consumerism, and so rob us of these four short weeks of Advent which can be and should be, true preparation for the birth at Bethlehem and the opportunity for us to prepare our hearts for a personal and shared encounter with Jesus Christ.
My hope and prayer is that this Advent will be more prayerful, more spiritual – and dare I say it – more Christian.