Thursday, 15 November 2012

November Newsletter

All Saints Sunday - from the Vicar

"The saint loves people and uses things. The sinner loves things and uses people."
A wise observation, which serves to remind us that we are to let the light of Christ shine through our own lives, for this flame of faith will help us to see others in the light of God’s love. Those in positions of authority or power have a God given vocation to show to others the power of love, service and humility. Hence the greater our responsibility, the more humbly we should behave. Faith, hope and charity, these three gifts of God, are the three flames which we must encourage to reflect ever more brightly in our own lives and in the lives of others. The flame of hope will make us confident of God’s goodness in our lives, give us support and protection and so ensure that the flame of love for others will be nurtured, and burn brightly with understanding.

This feast of all the saints – past, present and future – those who rest in the peace of Christ, those living out their lives in the here now, and those yet to be born - reminds us of our faith family, that we belong to a vast community of time and space. It tells of a mighty truth – together we can achieve more, than alone.