Tuesday, 5 November 2013

We affirm our faith

From the vicar - November 2013

Our God is the god of all humans,
the God of heaven and earth,
the God of sea and rivers,
the God of sun and moon,
the God of all the heavenly bodies,
the God of the lofty mountains,
the God of the lowly valleys.

God inspires all things,
gives life to all things,
stands above all things,
and stands beneath all things.

God has a Son who is co-eternal with himself;
and similar in all respects to himself;
and neither is the Son younger than the Father,
nor is the Father older than the son;
and the holy Spirit breathes in them.
And the Father and the Son and the holy spirit are inseparable. Amen.

Trinitarian Creed of Tirechan, a 7th Century Irish Bishop and scholar

This 7th Century Creed reminds us of all that we believe as Christians, whatever our particular religious tradition. It is a timely reminder that we are all called to work ecumenically so that we can all learn how to be different and yet together in sacred things, “communion in sacris”.

I have included a paper in this Newsletter which provides a background of how we have arrived at where we are on the Ecumenical Scene – the first of two papers.

Please read the paper carefully and prayerfully as an introduction to the proposals set out in the second paper which I will include in the next Newsletter.