Friday, 25 April 2014

Celebrating the Year of Pilgrimage

St Asaph Cathedral will host a special service on Sunday 4 May at 3.30pm to mark the end of the Diocesan Year of Pilgrimage.

Bishop Gregory is keen to see representatives from every Parish in the Diocese at this event and clergy are asked to bring at least two members of each congregation with them to this exciting celebration.

The service will be an opportunity for reflection on the past year and offer the chance to give thanks. A cairn will be built in the centre of the cathedral with items from the Year of Pilgrimage and pilgrims will be able to place their pilgrim's shell on the cairn at the beginning of the service.

Pilgrims will also be able to pick up a certificate marking their participation in the celebrations and have it stamped after the service. Children representing our church schools sharing shell-shaped biscuits made in school as part of their learning.

At the end of the service everyone will be given small flasks of water and parchments of sand to deliver to their churches on the following Sunday to symbolise "journey and refreshment". A special liturgy of "Receiving the Gifts of Sand and Water" will be distributed to all churches so that the flasks and parchments can be presented to all churches in the diocese.

Clergy will not have to robe for this service as the Diocesan family sit together for worship and reflection. We look forward to seeing you on May 4th!