Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April newsletter

From the Vicar                                                                                              Eastertide

Who will roll back the stone?

We can easily fall into the trap of thinking that Easter is already past, and behind us, and if we’re not careful, just let it become a sort of “spiritual day trip”. However, we need to be clear that the resurrection of Jesus is not only about Jesus but also about new life for all.

Joseph Krempa, in his book “Captured Fire”, reminds us of a familiar story of a family who had reserved a room in a resort motel. The room they had booked was large and with many amenities, but when they arrived it was a small room without a view, small and stuffy. The next morning they complained to the manager who asked if they had opened the door inside the room – they admitted they hadn’t. Upon returning to their suite they opened the door, which they had assumed to be a cupboard, and to their surprise discovered a very spacious room, with a wonderful view, beautiful décor and so light and airy. They had missed it – it was a door away – a door they didn’t bother to open.

If we’re not careful we can live like that. Our life here is a small room compared to the magnificent life God has for us – but sadly so many don’t bother to open the door. God rolled back the stone, but we have to open the door!

This whole Easter season and throughout our lives, may we be people of faith, love, and hope, and so show by the way we live, that we believe in the Risen Christ.