Tuesday, 30 April 2013

“Go therefore … make disciples … teaching them … I am with you always”

May newsletter - from the Vicar. Ascension 2013.

Spring is now evident wherever we look - the countryside is suddenly awake and full of new starts and beginnings.  Those wonderful lambs in our fields - we want to cuddle them all - they are living parables and wonderful examples of new life, along with the spring flowers and budding hedgerows.

Easter continues to touch us all, in many different ways, through darkness, pain and death on Good Friday - still there for some - yet onwards to the glory of new life and hope which Easter has opened up for all.

The feast of the Ascension falls on 9th May and should be a reminder that, just like those first disciples, we have the task in our time and situation to “ Go, Make, Teach, “ confident that Jesus will be close.

This is our Year of Pilgrimage which is being launched as part of Evensong at the Cathedral on Sunday 5th May at 3.30 pm. It would be really good if as many as possible could be at this service, to emphasis our faith journey together, and our travelling with Christ. As the year moves on there will be events throughout the diocese which will be advertised and which can be located on the diocesan website. Further information locally is available via our Diocesan Conference Representative, Mrs. Meg Mullock.

Sunday 12th May is Ministry and Calling Sunday, when we are asked to give special consideration to the question of Vocation – “Go – Make – Teach”.

Please remember in your prayers all who serve God in his Church.